One More Time

An exhibition and symposium at London Metropolitan University on marking time

Thursday 20 – Saturday 22 October 2011

Symposium: Friday 21st

This exciting project brings together several contemporary artists from diverse contemporary art practices, including performance, photography and film, working with ideas about marking and spatializing time. One More Time, will run for three days as an exhibition in the Libeskind Graduate Centre and the Old Boilerhouse at London Metropolitan University. There will be an artists’ symposium on Friday 20th October. The invited artist are: Steve Farrer, Rachel Gomme, David Howells, Rona Lee, Leibniz, Laura Malacart, Paul St George, William Raban,  and Claire Zakiewicz all of whom have been engaged with practice-led research in contemporary art or with experimental film practices  (see contributors’ details below).

The project is curated by Anne Robinson and the exhibition and symposium build on a body of practice-led research on perception, affect and the elasticity of time in works of art. This research developed out of work seeking to understand the capture, storage and perception of time in ‘painterly’ surfaces to incorporate experimental and expanded film practices and performance. This event will include a reconstruction of film artist Steve Farrer’s unique and innovative expanded cinema work, The Machine, which uses rotating projection to show film made in a shutterless camera and was recently one of the key works in Tate Modern’s ‘Expanded Cinema’ symposium.

Thursday 20 – Saturday 22 October 2011

Exhibition: Thursday 12noon – 8.30pm, Friday 12noon – 8.30pm, Saturday 12noon – 4pm
Symposium: Friday 21st: coffee and registration from 10am, symposium: 11am – 5.30pm, evening event: 6.30pm-8.30pm
(Event times as listed are provisional and will be confirmed closer to the event.)


Symposium on Friday 21st: £12 / £7 for students and London Met staff

Booking is essential for the symposium 

Exhibition: free entry

Please note that access to Friday evening screening & performance will be for symposium attendees – free entry to screening & performance on other days)

To book a place, please go to:


If you have any further queries, please email Anna Masing on:

Header image from The Book of Dust by Leibniz & The Machine by Steve Farrer

This project is supported by The Facility Research Centre and the Department of Art, Media and Design at London Metropolitan University 



Steve Farrer:

Steve Farrer’s work using shutter-less cameras and film projection, The Machine, formed an integral part of the Tate Modern’s events on ‘expanded cinema’ in 2009.  His film work has been shown internationally over the past 30 years since graduating form the RCA and includes pieces such as Ten Drawings, Film Factory and Muybridge Romp. He lives and works in London.

Steve Farrer, 'The Machine', 1978, installation view Tate Modern Oil Tanks 2009 (c) Tate

Rachel Gomme

Rachel Gomme works in performance and installation, with a practice that encompasses durational, site-specific and one-to-one performance, video and sound installation, and work for the stage. Focusing on the embodied experience of being and how time and memory are stored and manifested in the body, her work often centres on absences (silence, stillness, waiting). Her work has been presented throughout the UK and internationally.

Rachel Gomme, 'Hour (for Penelope)', 2011, performance, photograph by Deivis Slavinskas

David Howells

David Howells is an artist, writer and editor, currently working on a PhD in Art Writing at Goldsmiths College. Current research interests are in the relationship between word and image, the rhetoric of visual description and reading as a movement.  He also teaches at JCAMD and is editor of  Knight’s Move journal which recently produced a special edition on movement.

David Howells: 'Checkmate for Roussel' 2010, digital drawing, dimensions variable

Rona Lee:

Rona Lee works in a variety of media with an emphasis on the relational and performative. The fluid, indeterminate and over looked are ongoing preoccupations within her practice. Exhibitions and commissions include Beaconsfield, The Ikon Gallery, Tate Modern, Firstsite, John Hansard and Newlyn Art Gallery. She is currently Reader in Fine Art Practice at Wolverhampton University.

Rona Lee: 'Ten Atlantic Days', 2009,motion drawing

Leibniz (Helen Spackman and Ernst Fischer)

Co-founded by Ernst Fischer and Helen Spackman in 2005, LEIBNIZ is fluid live art collective that aims to present socially engaged and inter-active work, create rituals and mythologies for a secular age, generate new audiences and assist emerging artists. Having worked together since 1995, Fischer & Spackman’s long-standing interest in issues of home and belonging has developed with LEIBNIZ to more specifically address concerns of civil and human rights. Projects such as The Book of Dust (2005 -) and  Ghost Letters (2008 -) have been presented at numerous international performance festivals and seasons, including: PSi14, Copenhagen, 2008; the NRLA, Glasgow, 2006/7/8 & 10; Undercover Surrealism, Hayward Gallery, London, 2006; & The AIR Project, QMU, London 2010.

'The Book of Dust', 2004, performance, photographs by Anne Robinson, Manuel Vason

Laura Malacart

Laura Malacart is a cross-disciplinary artist whose work is informed by factual and performance practices. In her recent doctoral work she used the metaphor of ventriloquism to reconfigure the audiovisual relationship and privilege the politics of the aural in terms of a ‘voice apparatus’ and ‘points of speech and audition’. Recently, her work has shown at Cinesonika (Vancouver), PSI 15 (Zagreb), Futureplaces (Porto), Catodica (Trieste).

Laura Malacart: 'Mi Piace', 2008, video, 13 min.

William Raban

William Raban started making films as a Painting student at Saint Martin’s School of Art in 1970 and has made over 40 films, many centred on London. Thames Film (1986) is an essay on the changing face of London’s River. The later and more politically-charged Isle of Dogs trilogy Sundial (1992) A13 (1994) and Island Race (1996) work without commentary, using only richly worked soundtracks of intensified natural sound.  William is currently Reader in Film at the University of the Arts London.

William Raban: 'About Now MMX', 2010, 35mm, video 28 min.

Paul St George

Paul St George is curator of Sequences, a UK touring exhibition of contemporary chronophotography, and editor of ‘Sequences: Contemporary Chronophotography and Experimental Digital Art’ and ‘imagetime’ for Columbia, which is motivated by a recognition that the readerships of photography and the moving image converge in a place where interesting inter–disciplinary critiques emerge. For ‘One More Time’, he is showing experiments in Chronocyclography.

Paul St George; Woman tossing and turning pancakes in order to cook them evenly (a), 2010

Claire Zakiewicz:

Claire Zakiewicz is a London-based artist exploring relationships between sound, drawing and electronics in the context of time-based mixed media such as performance, live drawing, sound, animation and film. Claire has recently performed in Bergen and New York with her project Fig., a collaboration using live electronics, voice and drawing.

Claire Zakiewicz: performing with Fig., 2011, Bergen, Norway


Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson’s practice encompasses painting, moving image installations and performance and is concerned with the perception and politics of time passing in art.  She has shown work nationally and internationally and has recently published in: The Journal of Visual Arts Practice and The Journal of Media Practice. She is a senior lecturer in Film at London Metropolitan University.

Anne Robinson 'Que Sera', 2010, 2 screen video installation with sound

One More Time

exhibition and symposium

20th-22nd October 2011

Provisional schedule – tbc


A.  Show open to all for fixed/continuous works by Rona Lee, Paul St George, David Howells, plus continuous running of video with sample work by all artists in the show:

Thurs 20th:      12noon – 8.30pm

Fri 21st:             12noon – 8.30pm

Sat 22nd:          12noon – 4pm

B. Timed works by Steve Farrer, Laura Malacart, William Raban, Leibniz, Rachel Gomme, Claire Zakiewicz:

Thurs 20th:


Steve Farrer                                   6.30pm      7.30pm

Claire Zakiewicz                            6.45

Graduate Centre:

William Raban                                6.30pm      7.30pm

Laura Malacart

Fri 21st:


Steve Farrer                1pm           6.30pm      7.30pm

Claire Zakiewicz                            6.45

Liebniz                         1.30           7pm           8pm

Graduate Centre:

William Raban                                6.30pm      7.30pm

Laura Malacart                               6.30pm      7.30pm

Rachel Gomme                              6pm & continuing to Saturday

Sat 22nd:


Steve Farrer                                   2pm           3pm

Liebniz                                             2.30pm      3.30pm

Graduate Centre:

William Raban                                2pm           3pm

Laura Malacart

Rachel Gomme                              continuing to Saturday 6pm

Films and performances scheduled to allow small group size in Boilerhouse


Friday 21st:

10am:                 Coffee, registration & show open for delegates to view

11am:                 Symposium introduction: Lucy Richardson & Anne Robinson

11.15am             William Raban

11.35am             Claire Zakiewicz

11.55am:            David Howells

12.15pm:            Questions to these 3 speakers

12.30pm:            Lunch

& show open & Performances/Machine in Boilerhouse

1.45pm:              Intro to afternoon session

1.50pm:              Rona Lee

2.10pm:              Laura Malacart

2.30pm:              Steve Farrer

2.50pm:              Questions to these 3 speakers

3.05pm:              Break

3.15pm:              Leibniz – Helen Spackman & Ernst Fischer

3.35pm:              Rachel Gomme

3.55pm:              Paul St George

4.15pm:              Questions to these 3 speakers

4.30pm:              Panel with all contributors & Anne Robinson

5.30pm:              Drinks & snacks available

6.30pm:              Film screening (LM & WR) in Graduate Centre

6.30pm:              Performances/Machine  in Boilerhouse

7.30pm:              Film screening (LM & WR) in Graduate Centre

7.30pm:              Performances/Machine in Boilerhouse (L, CR & SF)

Evening items scheduled in two slots to allow small group size in the Boilerhouse

Event ends at 8.30pm